Light Language

When a Light Language session is requested, Lu gets out of the way, and allows the soundings of her Higher Self to come through. The Light Language transmission is part toning and part vocalization. It is a language of energy and it deeply shifts energy. It gives the person receiving it an “energy massage” that removes kinks and folds in their energy field. A Light Language session activates new energetic flow and enables change, adjustment, personal growth and healing of the mental, emotional and physical bodies. It is empowering, peaceful, loving and completely outside of the mind. It bypasses the mind’s limitations, emanating from Lu’s Whole Heart Chakra and washing through and with the energetic body of the recipient.

Light Language transmissions are usually intense experiences for both Lu and the person receiving the transmission. For this reason, a session will typically be of short duration, usually about fifteen to twenty minutes. The changes that occur within the energetic body of the client will be felt for hours and days afterward.

A Sounding session is 30 Canadian dollars (payable from any currency through PayPal).

To receive one of these intensely empowering Light Language transmissions from Lu, email her at to set up an appointment.

Here are some comments made by people who have received a transmission aka ‘sounding.’

“You’re helping me to bring to the front the True Me, to be in my center where I’m balanced and in my strength and from where we have access to all the supporting energies of the universe…”

“At first I felt how I was brought back into balance: all the ‘black spots’ in a otherwise clear field were being cleared out. Then I felt how the circle of what your toning is effecting was becoming more wide: supporting and enhancing (strengthening) the process (a few new layers of stone on the wall, the base that is being constructed…) And then I felt how you were pulling up the potential, that’s apparently buried underneath a lot of crap. And I felt, as it was brought up, how the crap that came loose was floating in my space. I started to rub my arms and shake my hands out to shake it off. And I still feel the effect, I’m still taking deep breaths…   Also, I want to say that I found it very beautiful, what you sang, the sounds you made…”

“As the session begins, I feel it bringing me into balance, clearing any distress or emotional turmoil from my being. From within my center, I am then able to make the choices I feel in my heart, and to know I have the strength and ability to carry them out. This greatly enhances and accelerates the process I’m going through right now: I feel comfortable taking steps, crossing thresholds, that would otherwise take so much longer to reach and overcome. For me, the sounding delivers whatever it is I need: a guide that holds my hand, an energy that allows me the rest when I need that, a support that comforts me and gives me strength when I feel doubt or anxiety,… And I think for all, it will be a blessing, and a gift, in whatever way they need it, as it is for me. I wholeheartedly thank Lu for sharing her abilities and gifting us with this beautiful gift of healing!”

“Lu and I had our first sounding session on Skype on August 2. I enjoyed listening to her singing and toning and the sounds she was making. I knew there were some big blocks in my energetic field, blocks to my creativity, and I was ready for anything that could open things up.

On August 5 I woke up with the idea to create a blog with all those poems I’d written five years ago that were just sitting on my hard drive. For the next 48 hours I created the blog and read through and posted those poems like a madwoman! This was nothing short of miraculous. It had never occurred to me that I could publish them all, or anything I wanted, on a blog! Since then I’ve been writing daily, a second miracle.

The third miracle was getting over the fear of going global, of finding my voice and speaking my truth. That’s happened in a number of different ways, too numerous to recount, all since the beginning of August, and it happened spontaneously and so fast!

The fourth miracle was organization. Since early August I’ve spent days cleaning out the closet and the garage, weeding the garden, and yes, I’ve even started tending to my bookkeeping. It’s time for me to create a new relationship to money and all things financial.

After our first session I was so amazed and excited, the changes were happening so fast, that Lu and I agreed to do a number of sessions together for a period of time.

All of Lu’s sessions are different. Things I’ve felt during sessions have ranged from feeling like I was wrapped in a pleasant sort of energetic bubble wrap, to feeling like I was lying down somewhere, being fanned off by a medicine man, hearing him chanting over me, to feeling a waterfall of energy bubbling and trickling around me and fizzing, like champagne pouring through my energy field.

It may be later in the day or after a few days that I’ll “see” what that session was all about. I don’t “know” what’s going on intellectually during the sessions. A pattern will develop in my life, a theme will emerge, and that will tell me what was going on.

I very much recommend having a session, or several sessions, with Lu and her miracle-inducing gift of sounding. We still have several more to go and I’m very excited to see where this co-creation of spirit will take us both.”


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